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Runningrugby.com is an online resource for business decision makers in rugby league and union in the UK and Ireland.

We produce our own content on varied aspects of the industry, we interview the movers and shakers (written and filmed) and publish case studies from the elite end of the game. We round up the news and direct our readers to relevant feature articles and research published elsewhere. We send a weekly email bulletin to our 3500+ registered users and host one-day events for the rugby business community.

Our main revenue stream is from sponsors and partners who we ask our readers to support.

The website and related activity is managed and owned by Running Rugby Limited. Running Rugby has previously been active in the publication of magazines bearing the same title and was published over 30 times in the eleven year period between 1998 and the last issue in March 2009.

The people involved in Running Rugby:  

David Lawrenson - Non-Exec Director and Editorial Consultant

David was the first editor of Running Rugby magazine and is a director of RR Ltd. He is an experienced rugby journalist having covered both rugby league and rugby union over the years for a variety of publications including The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Times and The Guardian newspapers and edited rugby union magazines Rugby News, Rugby World and the original Rugby Paper. David has written books on Martin Offiah, Scott Gibbs and Iestyn Harris as well as The Rugby League Miscellany. David spends most of his time working for the RFL in a media and marketing role in London, but does take time to impart his deep knowledge and worldly advice to ensure RR runs smoothly. Contact davidl@runningrugby.com.

Tim Groves - Editor 

Tim is in charge of writing and editing the editorial content on runningrugby.com. He has had work published in a variety of national newspapers, sports magazines, local newspapers and rugby websites already in his short career as a rugby journalist since completing a Masters in Journalism early in 2012. Tim is always on the lookout for interesting or original new content for RR, interviews and feature subjects and is always pleased to hear from anyone who may have a story or be interested in collaborating.

Contact editor@runningrugby.com

Dave Williams - Publisher and Commercial Director

Dave met David Lawrenson over twenty years ago while trying to sell his articles on business aspects of rugby to Rugby News magazine. Despite DW being paid very little for the work, they remain friends to this day. Dave became a Director of RR Ltd when asked to help re-launch the magazine in 2006. Dave has run Big Bug Sports - a Rugby Union player agency, performance retailer and sponsorship consultancy - since January 2000. He worked in marketing and sponsorship for sports brand Puma throughout the 1990s. Dave oversees the daily operation of runningrugby.com with a focus on generating traffic and commercial activity. Contact davew@runningrugby.com.

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